Sign up in two easy steps and start creating liveblogs now

Sign up in two easy steps and start creating liveblogs now

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I integrate the liveblog on my website?
    In order to integrate the Community Live Blog, you can generate a link after you have registered with Tickaroo Live Blog. You can then easily add this link to your own website, even without any technical background knowledge.
  • Does Tickaroo comply with GDPR?
    The Community Live Blog is integrated into your website or app like a link to an external page. This makes us the responsible body for your users' data in terms of GDPR. All relevant information can be found in our privacy policy. There is the optional possibility to conclude a contract for processing orders (AVV). This is advisable for the administration of the reporters or if you do not want to mark the blog as an external site, so that the user does not "notice" that they have left your site. In this case, we are considered to be a contract processor in the sense of GDPR. Here you will find our technical-organisational measures (PDF) as well as a list of our subcontracted processors (PDF). Additionally, you have the possibility that external content such as YouTube videos or tweets will only be displayed in the Community Live Blog if the user expressly agrees to this. In this way we prevent data from being transferred to third parties unintentionally or without consent.
  • Am I under any obligations?
    During the free 14-day trial period you do not need to enter any payment details and you are not obliged to register for a paid package afterwards.